Long Live the King

Messenger Bot

As the Dutch celebrate Kingsday on the 27th of April with a lot of orange, people are always confused where to go as there are so many events to visit in the city. That’s why we created Long Live The King. Your own personal tour-guide that takes you to all the fun events in the city.

Long Live The King, built for Messenger is a digital conversation with the King that curates different type of events based on your location. The bot became an immediate success as it spread through social.

“Brilliant Kingsday Messenger bot”
– Fonk


Within the first 10 hours of the launch, Long Live The King reached over 13,000 people, sent over 8,000 messages and location shares, received more than 52,00 impressions and got picked up on several Dutch blogs and websites.

Agency: AKQA Amsterdam

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