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Future Lions

When you buy Product RED, Apple donates a small amount of the purchase price to the global funds to fight aids in Africa. You can support RED by choosing some of the hardware products Apple has to offer like the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. But why should you buy another Apple, when most of us already own the hardware? So we were thinking.. What about the world’s most amazing mobile operating system? iOS?

The case-film became a major success as it won Future Lions 2014. We got to fly-out to Cannes to pickup the award from the big dogs; James Hilton and Rei Inamoto. We continued to live the Cannes life where we had to pay way too much for Heineken beers at the Gutter bar.

Eventually Apple picked up on our Product RED idea and developed it further by initiating the “Apps for RED” program where the most popular apps (AngryBirds, Farmville, Momument Valley) are offering special RED-branded content or app updates as part of the fundraiser.


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